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No.372 Anonymous 11/11/2020 05:11:05
Something is off with international politics:

-Biden who said "we shod change Turkey for the sake of USA" got elected

-2020 Karabag conflict, which Azerbaijan got aid from Israel and Turkey, has ended in favor of Azerbaijan. Positive relation between Turkey and Israel.

-Russia rejects election of Biden

-İran and North Korea are in death silence

-Now everyone i know owns a Chinese-made mobile phone (Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, İphone (maybe since producer is not Apple but Foxconn, apple just distributes))


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Anonymous No.373 11/11/2020 05:47:30
Btw congratulations to our qandaşlar for retaking important areas of ancestral land of Karabağ. Thanks Israel for making Turano-Zionism possible. Thank you and God bless Turks. Also fuck uganda.

Anonymous No.374 11/12/2020 09:51:34
it seems like we wont be able to survive the last month of 2020. a lot of weird things happened this year.

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