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Anonymous No.12401 11/28/2020 06:10:29 hide
If i see anymore turkish men simping for pokimane (donations be upon her) i will freak out shes our sister in earth and heaven(cennet dünya bacımız). (Shes moroccan and muslim literal karaboga material)

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Proud Gay Musli...jpg(1200x758) 447 KB
Anonymous No.11098 09/02/2020 12:45:20 hide

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Anonymous No.11747 11/10/2020 06:37:55 hide
The day you wake up with sirens before the sunrise is the time of doom for viruses. The nökers(guards) will kick your front doors open with all their hatred. They will neutralize your wife, daughters and sons by buttstrokes. They will take all of you captive. They will kill the old, the disabled and the weak right away. Those of you who are intact will be put to work as slaves to contribute to the Empire. All your valuables will be confiscated. We will also benefit from your corpses as energy. Crematoriums will blaze. You will disappear, you will get erased from history. You will pay the diet of challenging the Turks in Turkish soil. You will never see the comfort of the republican regime again. Everyone who resists us will groan under our military boots. Because not democracy the Greek tradition, the rule of the Supreme Tigir will rule forever in this land. The Tigir:Er System of Thought will be the unique guide of the new Turkish race. There is no democracy! No mercy! There is no peace! Because, peace is for cowards!

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Anonymous No.12375 11/26/2020 07:45:32 hide
any eksisozluk retards here ?!?!?!?!

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Anonymous No.12378 11/26/2020 09:42:46 hide
benislossus up your ass

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Anonymous No.11480 10/19/2020 12:12:54 hide

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Anonymous No.11468 10/18/2020 04:14:30 hide
praise him

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Anonymous No.824 03/02/2019 05:16:46 hide
The deepest fear of Kemalists:"what if alternative history is true,what if anti-kemalist/independent history-writers like Kadir Mısırcıoğlu,Üstad Özden Aydın,Yıldıray Oğur was right and if i was wrong ?". I am telling you KARA frens this is the deepest fucking fear of Kemalist which a kemalist doctor to kemalist MC Donalds worker because simply this is would be the breaking point of his all life,all values he adopted.The time he all wrong and looks so dump and the peoples he laughed at was right... So embrassing figure worshipper,kâmâlist man but dont not too late to choice the true one...

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Anonymous No.11502 10/20/2020 11:59:12 hide
Average Twitter user after seeing a black person

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Anonymous No.11524 10/22/2020 10:16:41 hide

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Anonymous No.11591 10/27/2020 11:29:58 hide

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Anonymous No.11526 10/23/2020 06:56:32 hide
Nationalism is a lie stop chasing after a false prophet hate will never get you anywhere

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SAVE_20201026_2...jpg(501x673) 103 KB
Anonymous No.11616 10/30/2020 10:45:36 hide
Imagine Halep,Kobani,Rakka,Haseke,Kamışlı,Malikiya,Deyrizor,Ebu Kemal,Palmira,Lazkiye and Hama under Turkish rule...

Ottoman vibes

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Anonymous No.11675 11/03/2020 07:14:25 hide
Hey bro there is this game called among us its pretty fun its not like its the same fucking shit for the 40th time

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