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Anonymous No.5551 10/23/2019 02:51:41 hide

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Anonymous No.8145 01/16/2020 08:49:39 hide

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Anonymous No.8291 01/22/2020 08:29:39 hide

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Anonymous No.8304 01/23/2020 03:52:54 hide
Is Star Trek karaboga?

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Anonymous No.8095 01/15/2020 12:25:47 hide
Fuck fashwave

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Anonymous No.8123 01/16/2020 07:03:02 hide

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Anonymous No.8224 01/18/2020 10:45:12 hide

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Anonymous No.8295 01/23/2020 05:55:31 hide
>The majority of the population (of the Khanate of Kazan) comprised of qara xalıq (black people)

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@nationalist_nigeria No.8292 01/22/2020 08:47:36 hide
One day this empire will rule over the world. The world will be united under a Nigerian banner!

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Anonymous No.8285 01/22/2020 07:25:14 hide
(Thread) N word means king/queen in many languages.

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Anonymous No.7894 01/05/2020 03:04:46 hide
“The manners and customs of the inhabitants of Galata... The Greeks are tavern keepers. The Armenians are sellers of pressed meat (pastırma) and wealthy merchants. The Jews are intermediaries in the marketplace. The Jewish boys are male prostitutes - there is no more despised group of catamites than they.”
- Evliya Çelebi, 1630s

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Anonymous No.2412 05/18/2019 03:40:03 hide
On the one hand, King of Hungars II. On the other hand, trapezoid-headed Charles, and the Emperor, the Turkish Emperor who rules the world. Now this cuck Charkes is supposedly the absolute emperor of Europe, Germany, Spain, and sees himself above all humanity. Even the crows laugh to this claim. This cuck Charles ran away from us anywhere he could, and was defeated in both land and sea battles. He is an beta cuck who could face with the Turkish khan. She ran like a coward. Because this man is weak, we will not only say anything about the Turks, but the gavad both escapes us and shamelessly leads the case. I will defeat the Turks like this, I will defeat it, Konstantinapol'e will give the flag of the crusade to give statements. What we can say after this time with this crooked head. Şarklen, who declared himself emperor as emperor, became our scourge. The Turkish army has been running horses in Europe as they wanted. In the end, Suleiman Khan sends a letter: " You've been on this case for so long. How many times have I ever come upon and I am saving my property as I wish? You don't have a prick. To you, the sultanate and manhood case is haram. You wouldn't be ashamed of your soldiers, maybe even your predecessors? Maybe you have no effort in avratta. If you are, What is the appreciation of His Honor His Holiness. Let's meet you at the gates of the reign with you. Even Reaya is a joke. Or as you find the square empty from the lion as fox hunting opportunity to count as erlik. If you do not occur this time, such as women to take the wool and the wheel of the crown did not try to take the crown. Don't bring your name to manhood." So, such this cuck as always, but still empty threats have fled. Because we couldn't expect anything other than this suit that wore tights like women. Come to Layos the unbeliever. The arrogance of Layosh does not have any account. Ulan, who are you 7 generations of climate, 3 continents, you're confronting the ruler bre gafil! But even though he was a lad, he was a man. In the battle of Mohac, he appeared as a man and died like a man. Even though it was so military, this Charles's gavad didn't face the shame of the ass. That's why we admire Layos. Merciless fought and he did not flee like us, as much as the singing. Er came to the square. In the meantime, let's say that the Kanuni has many aspects to be criticized;

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Anonymous No.8239 01/19/2020 07:34:49 hide

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Anonymous No.8272 01/22/2020 05:07:56 hide
Is this hewal male or female?

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Anonymous No.8276 01/22/2020 02:49:57 hide

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