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Penrtrei.jpg(512x384) 24 KB
Anonymous No.8603 02/12/2020 02:31:47 hide
Whats good brothers I am currently on the frontlines of erasing the Wh*te race, remember to do your part and kill your local white woman.

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COLA TURKA CHEV...mp4(x) 6852 KB
Anonymous No.8669 02/16/2020 04:49:15 hide
Year 2060, in USA last pure-blood white family getting assimilated by Turks with biochemical weapons.

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pure karaboga.png(397x600) 520 KB
Anonymous No.8664 02/15/2020 03:10:49 hide
Germans toiling as slaves under black masters in the French-occupied Rhineland, 1920.

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images - 2020-0...jpeg(739x415) 21 KB
Anonymous No.8666 02/15/2020 09:32:43 hide
>Ben ol
>Sırf sonunda bizimcity izlemek için 2 saat atv izle
>Sonda bizimcity başlamasın

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images (13).jpeg(739x415) 49 KB
Anonymous No.8611 02/12/2020 03:29:54 hide
Stop watching porn, its haram

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Untitled.png(883x785) 283 KB
Anonymous No.8644 02/13/2020 01:09:21 hide
Are cumans based?

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main-qimg-14acb...png(602x1491) 1639 KB
Anonymous No.8653 02/14/2020 02:20:09 hide
Shapeshifter report: Arabs

Origin: Brown or yellowish skinned people from middle east

Shapeshift: Without contact with extreme heat and sun, Arab skin gets lightened. Most of South Italians and South Spanish are descendants or Arabs but they are accepted as white Europeans. In Germany and France, Arabs are known for getting assimilated.

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sc.jpg(1200x792) 227 KB
Anonymous No.8615 02/12/2020 03:40:59 hide

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get cucked snow...jpg(1280x720) 72 KB
Anonymous No.8636 02/13/2020 02:14:00 hide
this may be the most unintentionally based corporate commercial ive ever seen, they straight up admit whitoids have no history and everything was invented by the Turks. The angry mutts who've never even been to Europe in the comments just makes it better

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Screenshot_2020...png(720x1395) 289 KB
Anonymous No.8619 02/12/2020 04:18:59 hide
If you are Turkish or from any other non-white population and have got light skin color, it might be not caused by the European genes but by Turkic Siberian/Caucasia genes.

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filerelocated.png(400x400) 75 KB
Anonymous No.8606 02/12/2020 09:55:13 hide
Pai é quem cria
user was banned for this post

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yes-black.jpg(4096x4096) 310 KB
Anonymous No.8408 02/01/2020 02:37:21 hide

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20191106_214017...jpg(720x706) 331 KB
Anonymous No.6095 11/06/2019 08:41:06 hide
Jeffrey Epstein!

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5caa3f4a9cf385c...mp4(x) 4530 KB
Anonymous No.1521 04/11/2019 05:02:05 hide

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images (12).jpeg(568x540) 53 KB
Anonymous No.8604 02/12/2020 02:32:52 hide
"b-b-b-but whyte ppl are totally different from yuo T*rk :DDDD, we all haev blue aeys n blond haer. White ppl are white skinned ubermensh hehehehe. You are UGLIE becuz your T*rk hehe :DDDD"

Get shitted on white supremacists.

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