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    Mobile Client for Karabo.ğa imageboard - v1.2
  • Which devices does it work on? - Must work for every device that has iOS 8.0 and later. (Tested on iOS 12.4)
  • What should I do if the app can't install or app doesn't work? - You can fill the Feedback form from the FAQ page.
  • Do you use trackers? - No, we don't.
Download Karabo.ğa Client for iOS v1.2 (75.83 MB)

Note: This IPA is unsigned, therefore it cannot be installed directly. Please follow one of the tutorials below.

Note: Advanced/Jailbreaked users can install this app with AppCake/AppSync/Filza or any other App signers (Other tutorials could be found on YouTube/Reddit/Google).

This tutorial assumes that you have iTunes installed on computer. This tutorial works with both MacOS/Windows(7 and up)

Step 1: Install the latest version of Sideloadly.

Sideloadly iOSGods Thread

Step 2: Download the IPA File from the green button above.

Step 3: When the download is finished, open Sideloadly as an administrator.

Step 4: Plug your device in.

Step 5: Wait for Sideloadly to detect your device.

Step 6: Select the IPA File that you have downloaded from Step 2.

Important: It is highly recommended to use a temporary/only for this use apple account instead of your own personal one.

Step 7: Enter your Apple ID's e-mail address.

Step 8: Then click the "Start" button.

Step 9: Enter your Apple ID's password when prompted.

Step 10: Wait for Sideloadly to do sign and install the app to your device.

From this part, tutorial assumes that the app was signed and installed successfully to your device.

Step 11: Open your device's Settings.

Step 12: Tap General > Profiles/Profiles & Device Management.

Step 13: You will see your Apple ID with the Karabo.ğa app. Allow it/Trust the Developer.

All done!