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Feedbacks & Suggestions

  • What is this site? - An imageboard based upon the kara boğa meme.
  • What software does this site use? - It uses custom imageboard software currently being developed by me.
  • How do I sort posts? - I have not added sorting yet. By default threads are sorted by lastest replies.
  • How many boards are there? - There is two boards.
  • What data do you collect - IP Address, browser data, posts and post content.
  • How can I contact the owner - You can contact me on twitter @drownedreaction.
  • No illegal content.
  • No pornographic material.
  • No spamming.
  • No doxxing.
  • Don't be a retard.
  • Max 3000 characters for each post
  • Max 5MB for files
  • File formats allowed for images "jpg,jpeg,png,apng,gif,webp"
  • File formats allowed for videos "mp4,webm"