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Arkadag No.1 05/14/2020 09:21:40 hide
On this board you can basically talk about anything more serious than general shitposting, like politics, cars, science, technology, life in general, art, even twitter shit if you want idc.

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mock-europe-map...jpg(1258x1236) 284 KB
Anonymous No.5 05/15/2020 04:46:55 hide
Does anyone have the map with "WAKANDA M'PYRA", "QARA BOGA", and "wh*Te ethnostate" on it?

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ottoman.jpg(1200x1013) 221 KB
Anonymous No.45 05/23/2020 07:45:43 hide
what could of saved the ottoman empire?

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oadjdc17nw201.png(1024x626) 42 KB
Anonymous No.6 05/15/2020 05:52:32 hide
why are k*rds retarded

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3FAAB3DF-3A6A-4...jpeg(1122x744) 127 KB
Russian patriot No.47 05/23/2020 12:10:19 hide
I know this theory is far fetched but was hitler Uzbek? I truly believe this was the case. He would free Soviet prisoners and grant Uzbeks high ranking positions. The Uzbeks even had their own ss unit.

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126377024656293...png(1040x882) 183 KB
Anonymous No.39 05/23/2020 02:47:45 hide
A serious question: How do you differentiate a grecoid and a Pakistani?

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images - 2020-0...jpeg(480x640) 35 KB
Anonymous No.37 05/23/2020 12:11:42 hide
Where is that "lets go" meme came from?

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basedtrump.jpg(1189x1453) 273 KB
Anonymous No.10 05/16/2020 03:25:06 hide
Is Donald Trump based? I mean he is the most based American president that I've seen during my lifetime.

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Screenshot_2020...png(715x749) 291 KB
Anonymous No.21 05/22/2020 01:24:46 hide
lmao journos think aleksa is dead

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rewfwefwerweg.PNG(638x345) 15 KB
Anonymous No.2 05/15/2020 12:06:31 hide
When will we reach 0 cases like our Azerbaijani brothers?

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