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images (44).jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-09 22:46:07 No. 14701

From Aurelian to Erdoğan killing syrians is a tradition

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indir.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-08 20:07:31 No. 14697

Pakistan's hero Mohammad imran khan he has killed atleast 1000 to 1500 bangladeshi kuffars he became a martyr when the hindus came it is said that in...

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image0[1].jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-06 22:54:24 No. 14694

despite making 20%,,,,,,,,,,,,,.......(to be c.(continued))

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1300535-screenshot002.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-04 09:43:05 No. 14691

Is this man kara boğa?

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20201002_105537.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-02 07:55:43 No. 14675

The image that made me wake up crying my eyes out for no reason;<br>
It was a 2 panel meme that had homer simpson on its first frame eating a donut,...

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images (22).jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-01 11:25:03 No. 14666

Based pajeet on his way to br*tain

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images (19).jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-01 11:10:38 No. 14664

Help me about my penis injury<br>
So im a lonely boy and i like to hump (but i should really stop :/)<br>
My underwear button has fucked my penis so...

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IMG_20200921_111709_235.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-10-01 09:03:51 No. 14663

Which way Western man?

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images-77.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-30 19:49:34 No. 14662

Best Cüneyt Arkın movie ive ever seen

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20200928_200153.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-30 19:42:28 No. 14661

*literally does anything*

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1601317759649.jpg.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-29 19:39:40 No. 14652

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1601383408773.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-29 15:07:58 No. 14650

Bune, Bune, Bune!<br>
Wehl Melan Avage Bune Tasa

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5BC7542F-E80F-43EC-8E85-5ED1E2180E5E.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-28 11:30:40 No. 14637

KawoShin thread

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bull.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-27 17:57:35 No. 14634

O'Allah may the forces of God,the forces of Azerbaijan and of the Turkic race, liberate Qarabag from the bondage of Armenian rule. For too long have t...

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iu[1] (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-09-27 13:00:10 No. 14630

Azerbaijan is fucking hairy erm*ni assholes. it is reported even the erm*ni cracks carry monobrows. many russian air defenses (junk) have been destro...

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