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21100f1.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-27 22:32:27 No. 14468

&#34;how will looting legos and harming small business will sharm police?&#34;<br>

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poor-mans-gentoo.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-26 21:08:32 No. 14461

arkadag fix the banner in the 404 page pls

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images (18).png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-26 01:09:13 No. 14458

Why USA deliberately made its citizens drug addicts? CIA poisoned teenagers with LSD during MKULTRA experiments, FBI made balck people crack and meth...

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3FAAB3DF-3A6A-4782-9E86-49DDD51D1A7D.jpeg (??? kb) Russian patriot   2020-05-23 12:10:19 No. 14443

I know this theory is far fetched but was hitler Uzbek? I truly believe this was the case. He would free Soviet prisoners and grant Uzbeks high rankin...

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ottoman.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-23 07:45:43 No. 14441

what could of saved the ottoman empire?

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1263770246562930688~01.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-23 02:47:45 No. 14435

A serious question: How do you differentiate a grecoid and a Pakistani?

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images - 2020-05-24T133424.686.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-23 00:11:42 No. 14433

Where is that &#34;lets go&#34; meme came from?

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Screenshot_20200523_164556.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-22 13:24:46 No. 14417

lmao journos think aleksa is dead

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basedtrump.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-16 15:25:06 No. 14406

Is Donald Trump based? I mean he is the most based American president that I've seen during my lifetime.

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oadjdc17nw201.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-15 17:52:32 No. 14402

why are k*rds retarded

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mock-europe-map-1.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-15 16:46:55 No. 14401

Does anyone have the map with &#34;WAKANDA M'PYRA&#34;, &#34;QARA BOGA&#34;, and &#34;wh*Te ethnostate&#34; on it?

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rewfwefwerweg.PNG (??? kb) Anonymous  2020-05-15 12:06:31 No. 14398

When will we reach 0 cases like our Azerbaijani brothers?

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EWeg8q5XQAASS6Z.jpg large.jpg (??? kb) Arkadag  2020-05-14 21:21:40 No. 14397

On this board you can basically talk about anything more serious than general shitposting, like politics, cars, science, technology, life in general,...

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