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File: 1601625344.png (130.71 KB, 902x340, 20201002_105537.png) ImgOps Google

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The image that made me wake up crying my eyes out for no reason;

It was a 2 panel meme that had homer simpson on its first frame eating a donut, the second frame had bart simpson saying "i wish i could eat a last donut just like 43 years ago" in azerbaijani it haunts me i dont want to see it again whenever i see it i wake up in tears for some reason i believe it to be haunted (Its a depiction of my haunted dream)

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Schizo moment

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Yine doluştu bunlar amına koduarı.

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Yönetici imdat

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Arkadag help wtf is going on here

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Seeing what happened there, I am convinced that this image is really cursed