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3948027_o2967.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-23 15:01:03 No. 15643

Annemden babamdan alamadığım ilgiyi internette üzgünmüşüm gibi davranarak arayan embesil orospu çocuğu bir veledim.

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unnamed.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-21 23:36:24 No. 15636

Some facts about Turkish blade making and medieval warfare (can surprise European medieval enthusiasts):

1- Turks did not knew difference between...

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p5pzt455i6271.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-21 21:50:05 No. 15635

Femboy this. Tomboy that. Catboy this. Catgirl that. Dude SHUT THE FUCK UP. Fuck you, take your fetishes with you and get the fuck back to your fester...

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images (66).jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-15 08:58:51 No. 15629

Medieval weapons that look like magical weapons part one, yataghan.

Speculated to be influenced from Ancient Greek kopis sword and Turko-Mongol s...

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yu7VuiU[1].png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-13 14:01:19 No. 15621

clap those asscheeks

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images (59).jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-11 00:00:05 No. 15613

Some (even pagans) may find "Waifuism" aka people ritualistically dedicate their love to inanimate objects as new thing but it is wrong. This is just...

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istockphoto-492571430-612x612.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-10 11:03:31 No. 15611

Eğer r/KGBTR'de takılıyorsanız porno bağımlısı bir eziksiniz ve derhal kendinizi öldürmelisiniz.

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images (57).jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-08 01:37:16 No. 15609

>Be Turkish

>Catch covid

>Official state health consultant says "mix common mallow and sage, this is good for covid" https://www.cnnturk.com/sag...

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ascacac.mp4 (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-07-07 15:44:25 No. 15608

Legendary Mongol drip?????

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maxresdefault (1).jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-06-29 02:51:34 No. 15592

when the mexican concentration camp is sus!

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queen-of-sheba.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-06-28 09:52:18 No. 15591

In 1884, princess Hailemariam Nigisiti Roba of Ethiopia visited Britain. She chose name "Annworth" in diplomatic missions. Her name means "Worth of La...

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0AE5343A-7C55-4AB0-8644-DC4C2586D434.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-06-27 21:45:04 No. 15588

It seems as if Mustafa JAMAL AtaTÜRK gained some weight

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axaxax.mp4 (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-06-26 23:57:43 No. 15584

georg floyd

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RDT_20210624_1833481845563907917043351.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-06-24 15:34:56 No. 15574

rest in peace the one of the only based white persons ever lived

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xczxcxzc.mp4 (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-06-23 07:52:43 No. 15570


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