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R-16060147-1602721415-6457.jpeg.webp (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-14 20:19:46 No. 15768

Jigs and nogs and boons and groids, blackamoors and picka ninnies, moving targets, liver lippers jungle bunnies, farm equipment, rubber lips and snake...

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kh2SxLN[1].png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-14 12:58:33 No. 15766

>afgan istilası

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1628813912263.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-13 00:38:58 No. 15758


https://afghanistan.liveuamap.com/ (Turkanons, pls use vpn)

Taliban bl...

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1628221550003.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-12 19:34:14 No. 15756

sarımsak vs korona

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Demoman_taunt_laugh.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-11 18:56:57 No. 15748

Go ahead t*rks. Go to r/2middleeast4you and get murdered by others' words.

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yARAGv-n_400x400.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-10 13:53:36 No. 15747

tanju özcan boss

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mp4.mp4 (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-08 14:40:07 No. 15744

water ice balls

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dfddgsdf.mp4 (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-06 17:37:18 No. 15736

Türkiye'nin ilk sigması Recep İvedik'tir.

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unknown (4).png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-05 08:05:43 No. 15727

If you are rich,then your political opinion doesn't matter.

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LaterizioDecorazioneViaAppiaAntica.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-03 19:30:14 No. 15717

>Be Romans

>Discover cement accidentslly by making mud huts

>You are praised

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images - 2021-08-02T073800.186.jpeg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-02 04:44:39 No. 15708

Mount and Blafe Warband'a yeniden başlayacaklara ya d aoynayanlara taktik listesi:

Başlamadan önce yeni köyden aldığınız askerleri eğitim alanların...

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fhfhfghf.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-02 03:39:54 No. 15706

On China-Taiwan situation, smartest way would be disliking both. Most of Chinese people are in favor of communism but it is the cultural norms that ca...

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Dfsdfsdf-2.m4v (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-02 03:06:01 No. 15705

its crazy to think how Greeks and Persian fought for ages for the lands i live on and now I just waste this land's resources to create literally low q...

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fb908dbce88baebf5b0a950b072d3441.png (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-01 12:21:33 No. 15699

Scott Pilgrim movie probably gave inspiration to some wojaks out there.

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9k=.jpg (??? kb) Anonymous  2021-08-01 01:17:03 No. 15694

ataman kardesligi hakkinda ne dusunuyoesunuz anonlar?

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