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Untitled181_20210119195910.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-19 19:01:21 No. 11883

Armenian gorilla 92838328% white

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PİÇ.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-19 14:53:04 No. 11841

PİÇ atın.

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Er-PUIkXYAEvXlQ[1] (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-18 16:53:57 No. 11834

Anime is real.

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SS-Marschiert in feindesland performed on Oud by Derya Oztopcu.mp4 (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-18 08:52:46 No. 11829

why are turks so fucking gay

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images (7).jpeg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-17 10:28:56 No. 11822

"Like dude dude fucking like dude fucking like dude dude man man like man dude fuck like man dude fucking"

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IMG_20210116_025158_428.jpg (xxx kb) Papanonymous  2021-01-16 23:38:37 No. 11819

Enjoy some Mao nude OwO

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20200823_190702.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-16 22:16:30 No. 11818

this is what they took from you

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EVgVOiPXQAAzJxT.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-16 20:37:22 No. 11816


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images (10).jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-16 19:48:14 No. 11814


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c3e55554a5e6100d681a0ecfa185522668b033cd47753504b2c096b6bc64b340.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-16 19:42:03 No. 11812


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POST HIS HAIR.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-16 17:25:47 No. 11806

hmmmm myes touch his hair

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7324FA98-20BC-4943-A77C-341339DA3584.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-16 02:01:16 No. 11798

This is what happens when you mix a Persian with an Armenian. Think being Indo Euroid is a joke now?

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fNcogLRu.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-15 21:37:14 No. 11795

How does it feel that your country will be ANNIHILATED by BLACK BVLLs, whiteboy?

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NightCoreBros.mp4 (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-15 12:31:02 No. 11788

Programming bread.
I've been programming in Z80 Assembly recently because I feel like it.

Anyone else likes old computers and Assembly?

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oboma.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2021-01-15 12:29:32 No. 11787

Does anyone know who this man is

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