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images (33).jpeg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-11-01 16:11:04 No. 11648

Jessie, jessie dont invade iran next time jessie

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chingchong.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-11-01 10:31:59 No. 11646

"Everything my neighbour owns is mine.. Except the corona virus"

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unifrom.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-31 12:54:17 No. 11630

im so sick of modern american styled uniforms i want a fucking fez and a scimitar at least back then not everyone looked the same and died with honor

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IMG_20200921_174406.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-31 06:02:00 No. 11627

Post US election memes in this thread

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1597809448805.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-31 00:42:30 No. 11619

Hello from Moldova
Did you know we have tigers?

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jesse.png (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-30 23:47:52 No. 11617

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SAVE_20201026_244945.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-30 22:45:36 No. 11616

Imagine Halep,Kobani,Rakka,Haseke,Kamışlı,Malikiya,Deyrizor,Ebu Kemal,Palmira,Lazkiye and Hama under Turkish rule...

Ottoman vibes

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images (7).jpeg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-29 19:26:36 No. 11613

helo im onni from fineland (wesd mongalia :DDDDDDDDDDDDD) dhis is my dribe redreading from war widh koraens xdddddddd korean dogs slaughder evrry fin in nord hamyong xdddd no kpoo pleas love from ulanbadoor finlandd :DDDDDDDDDDD

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438.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-29 18:53:39 No. 11612

The british menace HIDE Y̵̲̋̏̍̾̉͝Ơ̷̹̭̘̰̯̅͂Ų̸̙̼̭̰͎͈͕̌͊̀̒̆͘͠R̴̬͔̊͑̉̅̽͗͑ ̶̨͚̜͕̰̳̼̥̑͒͐̒͗B̵̲͙̯̫̐͒̍͊͠E̶̥̩͎͆́́̏A̷̘͝Ç̸̛̰̩̝͇̣̣̼H̶̛̛͈̲͇͛͛͘ͅÈ̷̢̲̩̂͆̓͌̽͌͝S̶̬̠̘͓͚̦̲̆̿̔̉

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220px-Die_Osmanen_in_Europa.JPG (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-29 17:03:56 No. 11606

Yes im a cockroach. White people fear me to death.

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220px-Die_Osmanen_in_Europa.JPG (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-29 17:03:25 No. 11605

Yes im a cockroach

White people fear me to death

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0EE10C61-916C-498B-8207-2AF3C510D777.jpeg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-29 12:17:33 No. 11601

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c5dc86fb41639b32757001313128e2d8.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-29 09:10:27 No. 11598


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images (66).jpeg (xxx kb) GAYNIGGERGAYNIGGERGAYNIGGERGAY  2020-10-29 07:52:37 No. 11597

History of Abrahamic mysticism:

First Temple Judaism: Our temple has been destroyed! But at least we have Ezra the scriber to save our ass.


Second Temple Judaism: No.

Early Christianity: Well, Romans are kinda dick to Jews. Thank God that Jesus the Messiah is here.

Gnosticism: IEOU IEOU. Jesus actually came to inform us about snake Yaldabaoth's deception of humanity. You see, Monad created Sophia and Sophia gave birth to Yaldabaoth. Also we can reincarnate and...

Catholicism: WTF? No.

Islam: For centuries these deep deserts of Arabia were forgotten by anyone. Now we have the last prophet, the Muhammad peace be upon him! This marks the start of the Arabian empire!

Sufism: Well you see, we are all from God. We are within the God. God has essence in all of us. Now excuse me I will HU HU HU HU ALLAH HU HU HU HU HU HU ALLAH HU HU HU HU HU HU...

Sunni İslam: Well, maybe. But let me murder your philosophers first then we talk lol.

Protestant: Finally! We are free from Roman church! Now we can preach the truth about Jesus Messiah.

Hermeticism: Well yes but did you know that Jesus is reincarnation Thoth also known as Hermes Trimegistus??? He was an ancient philosopher known for writing wisdom for Egyptians. The symbol of wisdom is Ankh and it resembles cross, now you know why. Also philosophy is holy and medical sciences...

Puritans: Jebediah, bring the stake.

Secularism: Finally, everyone can believe whatever they want. Religion is between individual and God.

New Age Spiritualism: Hey bro did you know that Brahma is Abraham? That's very cool! Jesus Christ is reincarnation of Krishna, see the connection? All religions are same! Meat is murder and it attracts bad karma. Meher Baba is literally God lmao. Now excuse me my cult leader commanded us to commit suicide, off to hang myself and go to h-

Atheism: Well, I didn't have to do anything.

(Future) Agnostic Universalism: Well, we got rid of any oppressive government in world! Now whole world is following most "rational" philosophy ever!

(Future) Gnosticism Revival: Well yous we I am 14th reincarnation of an Cathar elder and I say, quit your bullshit. İn the name of Abraxas, Monad and Jesus Christ we will avenge past! DEUS VULT!

(Future) Galactic Sufism: Yes, but I will still declare idle jihad on both of you.

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Facts.jpg (xxx kb) Anonymous  2020-10-27 23:29:58 No. 11591


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