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File: 1619241345296.jpg (71.83 KB, 1080x911, photo_2021-04-24_07-16-29.jpg) ImgOps Google

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Did Turks really?

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>>15300 Cute....let me penetrated his anus...

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>>15300 Cute....let me penetrated his anus...

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*cherrypàcks a gay photo*


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>>15300 100% from İzmir.

İzmir was found by greeks so makes sense that its a faggot.

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I remember this fucking thread on kc. Disgusting thread, anatolian twink made me seethe, stupid trooner lovers made me mad. My overall impression is 8.5/10, would lurk again.

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send link

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>>15604 kill all turks

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>>15605 find all the mass graves of native children you killed years ago first,then take your dildo off from your ass,maybe after that.

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>>15606 why are you so angry
>>15605 why are you a faggot

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stfu retarded w*sterner