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No.15393 Reply Report

Does this happen in your country?

No.15394 Reply Report

No. People fantasize about fucking a Latin or a black woman instead.

No.15399 Reply Report

>>15393 Yeah.... Northen Turkish guy with his MonteNEGRO girlfriend

No.15402 Reply Report

Or Ukranian
and Russian

No.15403 Reply Report


And Moldovan

And Romanian.

We are horny mfs

No.15404 Reply Report

i wish i was that black woman... witt her blonde whyte gf.

No.15405 Reply Report

Biz türkler ukraynalı sikeriz ukraynalı bulamazsak rus sikeriz onu bulamazsak romanyalı sikeriz,onu da bulamazsak birbirimizi sikeriz.

Birbirimizi sikemezsek biz hiç türk olmamamışız demektir.

No.15527 Reply Report

the mfers on the left doesnt really exist here.

this is good

No.15533 Reply Report

>he doesn't know