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File: 1621002335748.png (295.94 KB, 1040x984, nazi scum.png) ImgOps Google

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according to holocaust deniers Rwanda was Wakanda because they could kill 200 thousand people in 100 days

No.15448 Reply Report

okay nigger i don't care about tsamina mina eh eeh waka waka eeeh tsamina mina zangalewa this time for africa

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File: 1621004471461.png (669.78 KB, 2744x1208, bruh moment.png) ImgOps Google

Holocaust deniers are niggers of white race

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>>15449 kill or be killed, fucking or get fucked

No.15451 Reply Report


That does not disprove that holocaust did not existed

No.15452 Reply Report


That doesnt disprove that holocaust existed*

My English is terrible

No.15453 Reply Report

Holocaust deniers survive because the west won't admit they declassified camps in west germany to improve relations with the new country