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No.15465 Reply Report

People who hate wholesome and beautiful things are pawns of Satan and I am not even religious radical. I just cant understand how those guys hate objectively beautiful things, something should be possesing them.

For instance, people hated Kinkade because his art (pic related) was "too optimistic" and "not challenging". Meanwhile same people applauded to shit bycicle or something in abstract arts gallery.

Punk and goth people clench their fists and say "conformist!" when they see anything beautiful.

Transhumanists looks at natire and says "NOT peRFECT!" and wants to destroy it meanwhile a walk in forest and a nice smell of sea's breeze are the most beautiful things.

How, how these people even live? With their yee yee ass haircuts and shitty ass dark
clothes. i dont think these guys are product of human mind but some driving force of evil.

Their counterparts in durka hurka deserts are Isis who mocked eid al adha (one of the most important holidays in Islam) with butchering people like sheep and destroyed beautiful cities, mosques and historical artifacts.

Satan is real, that means God is real. May God protect us.

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Here is a random quote about transhumanists that i just made up now:

"God created nature in one's own image

Human tried to shape nsture in their own image

Human was weak against the nature,

Nature killed the earth and God's gift of life is forever gone."

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File: 1621928239640.png (5.97 KB, 128x103, stage6.png) ImgOps Google

I'm an agnostic person and i agree with this.

I really dont understand nihilist(idk what else it can be called) people like that,always saying that things will never be better and shit.

I had this one friend that had a girlfriend,she passed away due to 'rona. And he became a femboyfucker agorist(pedophile). He was talking shit like that,i can understand him but he seemed like he pussied out of life too fast.

No.15469 Reply Report

or theist idk i dont really desccribe myself with terms like that

No.15471 Reply Report


people should realize existence is part of life so does the destruction. Without one, other does not exist. Only loving existence will push you down to be evil.

No.15472 Reply Report

>objectively beautiful things


No.15473 Reply Report



i am sure if your mind is not corrupted then you would find a tree beautiful or at least ok. If you hate trees or any living being like transhumanists, then you are with the evil. Beauty is not always objective. Symmetry and utility is harcoded into our brains, we are animals eith instincts after all.

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LOL everyone knows that you are a psyop to legitimize "Corona" or whatever faggot !!

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chuck's shut the fuck up

i lost my father to corona, faggot

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Do you want me to show my father's grave you faggot? And all the tears i wept for him, that continues even today? Jesus, you guys going to deny Chinese flu because of muh freedumbz. Go fuck yourself.

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To be fair he already had lung cancer, he contacted corona in hospital and later cured of coronavirus. Still the ching chong flu damaged his lungs to an extend that recovery was impossible and he died in agony connected to support unit. Rest in peace.

No.15484 Reply Report

May he rest in peace.

No.15532 Reply Report

beauty is evil, reality is a mess and our minds tend to see the evil as a "nice system". existence is a torture, all of the matters are going to be more indeterministic and entropy is going to fuck up the whole universe. which shows us we need to destroy everything which comes by time and change.

No.15534 Reply Report


i get it ou hate life and you want everyone to hate it.

No.15535 Reply Report

>>15482 omg fuckingn igger your dad died to luncg cancer not a fake virus

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File: 1623493588629.png (13.1 KB, 549x559, images (2).png) ImgOps Google


yes i am a nigga how did you know

No.15537 Reply Report


and you are a troll paid by chinese government