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>be "tirapzonoid" and ultranationalist
>go test your DNA
>%0-5 Medival Turkic %95 Modern Hamsi Culture
>say we wuz oghuz and shit uşağum
>send your test results to these MFs

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>>15495 i believe turk descend from ching chong

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The Ching Chong who fucked your German mother?

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this is a good thing tbh.
it means that they are completely assimilated properly

unlike a certain group of people

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>>15495 stop race mixing with arabs and negro

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>be obsessed with your ancestors

results: you're from boksıçanlar kürt aşireti

>muh nationalism is about culture and identity mkay?

kek, nationalism is the biggest cope of all time. after the religions, obviously.

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>>15531 stop being retarded you disbeliever