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File: 1622883064295.png (234.63 KB, 2522x1024, slovak.png) ImgOps Google

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slovak moment (1/2)

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>wake up

>open computer

>go to reddit to browse catholic

>while doing that,post the memes about how your people are the defenders of catholicism n sheet on some random server

>get angry at people for calling your state a german-made puppet state(what it is intended to) and how they had to collab with nazis to get independence(yea i bet that)

>evening comes after hours of defending catholicism and slovakian "culture and identity"

>Mountain General just uploaded a new video,its about him shitting on hungary while playing hoi4

>be hyped on his discord

>get assulted online by one Italian admin there


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Didn’t the ottomans make it as far as Slovakia?

No.15521 Reply Report


Ottomans are dead nigga