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Some (even pagans) may find "Waifuism" aka people ritualistically dedicate their love to inanimate objects as new thing but it is wrong. This is just continuation of ancient Venus satan worship branch of Paganism.

In Greek mythology, Pygmalion built a Venus statue and Venus seeing how Pygmalion dedicated his love to this statue brought statue to life and Pygmalion married with statue.

Ancient pagans offered foods and moneys to statues of their "gods" (satans) and they held festivals. Romans used candles in worship rituals celebrating how their "gods" came into being, dedicating festivals with large amounts of food. Similar to candlelit birthday dinners which weebs hold with their waifu body pillows. India, where modern paganism still exists, people offer and poor food in temples so their "gods" are satisfied.

Even though there was notion of pantheistic, panentheistic, monotheistic and henotheistic beliefs through history which are similar to Abrahamic religions, there were two satanic worships. One is mother Goddess and other is a sky father (often depicted as a strong man (Baal) or with animal head (Ra, Minotaur...). Sky fsther worship is almost forgotten but because of lust the earth mother satanic cult is reviving. Earliest example of this satanic cult is Venus figurines from stone age.

Quran always warned as from diverting astray from Allah to nafs. Nafs means instinctual things like lust and gluttony, conforming this and not conforming Allah is shirk. Islam teaches this is ehere polytheism started. And I say to you, the weebs who venerate their waifus sometimes dont even hide their polytheism. Some animes and other weeb shit have "goddesses" in them, they are openly saying they are worshipping false gods. Christians warned us of "succubi" which are demons using lust of men to make them worship satan.

Lets think materialistic, what does your Allah (or any of its name) worship can give you? Discipline, healthy eating, charity, work ethic and using reason. Even not believing in any religion is better than paganism. Lets see what waifuism can give you? Wasted life, spirit sold and fake happiness until vwry late realization. If you see any anime figurines, body pillows or any other depiction in your friend's house suspect that your friend is going to enter this ugly pagan cult and act before it is late.

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https://ibb.co/XCp16Ky the specimens i got from subreddits named r/waifuism and r/loveforanimesexuals. I compared their behaivour to the ancient satan worshippers.

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Now I know why greek gods where always depicted as naked

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acquire sex now LOL

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ditto fucking weeb