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Medieval weapons that look like magical weapons part one, yataghan.

Speculated to be influenced from Ancient Greek kopis sword and Turko-Mongol sabres, yataghan were secondary arms of janissaries and most of other Ottoman soldiers. Until the end of WW1, yataghan were still used in Ottoman army. It has a strange shape compared to other swords and also strange handle. After WW1, since yataghan had no usage, most of yataghan smiths resorted to making knives snd "yatağan bıçakları" (literally.means yataghan knives) are still the most respected type of knives in Turkey.

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Medieval weapons that look like magical weapons part two, European daggers.

Left one is trident dagger and right one is sword breaker dagger. Trident daggers (for instance of assasination of King Gustav Adolf II) were used to achiave large wounds that couldnt be healed. The sword breaker was used against, as name implies, swords. Because rapier swords were too thin, anything like that would snap these swords easily.

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Medieval weapons that look like magical weapons part three, chakram.

Those steel spheres on the guys are all weapons. Not only these look magical, the users also believed that these are magic (chakra) bound. Could used in melee and also could be thrown like frisbee. But unlike frisbee these could cut off enemy's limbs easily.


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Güzel tirad.

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Medieval weapons that look like magical weapons part four, eccentric flint.

During classical mayan period, the Mayans made dagger and spear head shaped flints. These are named "eccentric flint" today. The real purpose is unknown. But since they are shaped like weapons and can cut, it is assumed that these were ritual weapons (like sacrifice or dance with weapon before war). Or these could be just jewelleries just like how we have wall hanging swords in modern times. Nevertheless these really look magical.