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Femboy this. Tomboy that. Catboy this. Catgirl that. Dude SHUT THE FUCK UP. Fuck you, take your fetishes with you and get the fuck back to your festering shithole of a Discord server where you post gore media and other disgusting stuff you piece of dogshit troon. You fucking memefag!

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why would some idiot make separate term for feminine men? Like, why. I can not fucking comprehend. Westerners make the clothes they nivented (men's skirt, men's corset and others) taboo because of their fragility and then create new terms just to be able to wear them again. If you are a man nad you think you have a feminine side, ahem, YOU ARE STILL A MAN.

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well in their society,it can also be a word for "a child that grew without an father figure"

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