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Some facts about Turkish blade making and medieval warfare (can surprise European medieval enthusiasts):

1- Turks did not knew difference between iron and steel until 1400s-1500s. All weapons were called demir (or temir in Old Turkish) which means iron. During Ottoman times Turks adopted Serbian word çelik for worked iron (steel).

2- Turks did not hammered swords and other blades into shape. Well maybe except for hammers and other utility devices. Turkish metallurgy is developed around sâc, which means iron sheet. Also cooking pots (for instance sac tava and bakır tava) made through sâc. Iron was molten into sheets of sâc, sâc was cut with heated tools or hacksaw, beaten to turn it into steel, beaten again to give the final shape and hardness, the blade sharpened, polished and done. The fact is, modern blademasters (such as Sürmene, Yatağan and other local masters (bıçak ustaları)) still use this technique.

3- Unlike Europeans, Ottomans did not used captured swords from enemy. Because Ottoman soldiers did not specialized on using European style double bladed broadswords. The fact is unlike Europeans or Japanese, Ottomans did not respected blademasters very much. Simply captured swords would be molten into cannons, tools or swords Ottomans specialized on (pala, şemşir or yatağan)

4- Unlike the westerners, swords was not rare at all in Ottoman Empire. In Europe sword was rare because hammering an iron ore into shape for week was harder than cutting iron sheet and shaping it in one day. Pala (sabres) and şemşir (shamshir) were secondary and at dome times primary weapons of all cavalry. All janissaries had one or TWO yatağan (yataghan) swords. So, instead of spear for all soldiers having a light and long sword was more common in Ottoman army. So yeah, the RPG trope of "everyone has got swords" works with Ottomans.

5- Ottomans didnt drunk alcohol to war. I know medieval Europeans loved so much ale and other stuff but as much as they loved the Şeyhülislam (religious law passing authority) hated it. One of battles of Ottomans was janissaries murdering drunken and hangovering Austrian soldiers (Battle of Karansebes). The Ottomans soldiers drank boza, a fermented drink very low on alcohol that can be preserved for long. There are also records of Ottomans using water from well, ayran and şerbet (soft drink, mix of herbs and fruit juice).

6- Ottomans did not had any siege equipments (catapults, trebutchets, siege towers, ladders…) except for cannons, tunellers and koçbaşı (basic battering ram that is carried with arms and had not mechanism). If these were not avaliable, Turks would burn farms, loot villages and harass the castle with arrows until castle occupants emerge.

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based thread
durmadan yeni şeyler öğreniyorum

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Düzgün ingilizce öğren amına koyduğumun türkosu

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Senin götüne teberli kargı sokarım amına kiyduğumun kürdosu.

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nerde yanlış var göremedim Amk