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No.4057 Anonymous 08/13/2019 08:08:40
I am a 61 year old black man and I hate white people. I have been experiencing racism ever since I was 15, which feels like it was yesterday. Maybe it was.

I hate that I have been stripped of my roots by the white man. Africa is one of the best continents to live in but I can never say I’m apart of it because black people were held captive in America for centuries. Its disgusting.

When I see white people happy it angers me. I just wish they could experience what I experience on a daily basis. They’ll never know what its like to pick cotton, or be beaten by a white slave master just because he’s having a bad day. Or be starved and raped by white people.

Thats why most white men are into nasty bdsm shit. With “doms” and “masters” and “slaves”. They want to beat and rape people but since it became illegal they have to find another outlet.

Whenever I see a happy white girl I wish she would be beaten and rape and forced to give birth to a baby not of her pure race, just so she could experience what black people have gone through.

Fuck white people. One day Africa will rise up and fuck everyone in the ass.

Anonymous No.4058 08/13/2019 08:08:04

Anonymous No.4059 08/13/2019 08:08:58
lmao dude you were a slave :DDDDD

you were a slave to the whitoid :DDDDD

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imagine getting enslaved by whites lmao :DDDDD

real karaboğa enslaved the whitey made whitey cry :DDDDD

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you are a karaboğa nigga stop crying :DDDDD

Anonymous No.4062 08/13/2019 10:08:59

Anonymous No.4064 08/14/2019 02:08:20
even thought that "revenge" minecraft meme is reddit filth, I think "take your revenge" counts here

Anonymous No.4066 08/14/2019 09:08:33
another white folk, the Turks had enslaved the balkan christian white scum for 550 years. whenever a Turk crossed a road, those serbians had to move aside, remove their shoes and crawl until the Turk passes. whenever a young christian married, she had to give her virginity to a Turk in front of her husband, and the husband had to wipe his new wife's deflowered blood with a white cloth and hang it below the balcony to prove that the Turk had blessed this household. whenever a band of Turkish marauders visited the village, the male houselords had to stay in the stable and let the Turks sample the women of the house, and make sure they'd left happy.

the chriatians hated this rightful Turks so much that they started to enslave any dark skinned people, thus the white man's slavery in Africa had begun. I sharpen and oil my scimitar everyday to enslave my white christian subjects once again.

Anonymous No.4113 08/16/2019 10:08:49