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No.4643 Anonymous 09/05/2019 08:09:52
Thoughts on Yoruks?

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Anonymous No.4663 09/06/2019 07:21:56

Anonymous No.4681 09/07/2019 10:53:13
I am yoruk nomad descendant. unlike those soyboy nigger wannabe t*rks in this site, I don't feel no sympathy for niggers nor white cucks.

being a nomad is the biggest middle finger to your fucked up society and anti argumental nigger wannabees. fuck civilization and anti civilization. being sigma who has horses, two wives, 4x4 and a thousand head flock is better than living among those t*rks.

Anonymous No.4686 09/07/2019 05:47:12
what's your family like? Do they use animals for transport?

Anonymous No.4687 09/07/2019 06:17:25
inferior nomadic subhumans

Anonymous No.4688 09/07/2019 08:41:23
>>4687 says the inferior weak city boy

Anonymous No.4693 09/08/2019 11:48:34
ok horse fucker

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Anonymous No.4698 09/08/2019 04:12:47
Ok soy latte boy(s)

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Anonymous No.4701 09/08/2019 08:38:28
they all have horses but they won't use them like gypsissies do, they just ride them for sport. more than that dad has a monster 4x4. uncles and cousins have their trunks too. they are wealthier than most of the people, they just can't live in crowded cities, because fuck society and turkish government for flooding the cities with niggers, arabs, kurds and syrian immigrants. those places troattle you lol, everyone want to fucking stick their nose into your business.

contrarily to nigger wannabe beliefs, we don't do no harm to our animals nor our women. we know the life of ours is hard enough and no one would like to make it harder for anyone, especially for our companion. but you can't explain it to t*rks who watch nigger porn and think they win a racial war against the white folk lol. there is no cuckoldry bigger than them turks in this site.

Anonymous No.4704 09/09/2019 09:36:19
>>4701 whites still suck ass tho

Anonymous No.4705 09/09/2019 10:33:20
is that a tombstone?

Anonymous No.4731 09/10/2019 11:00:59
Need to be

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Anonymous No.4733 09/10/2019 11:42:33

Anonymous No.4743 09/11/2019 05:09:31
Flakland Islands are Turkish

Anonymous No.4747 09/11/2019 11:12:21

this used to be a fountain, served as a drinkable water source for animals. it doesn't have any purpose now, the nearby forest had devoured the surrounding area many decades ago. old paths were covered with leaf and grass.

Yörük people understand this. they don't fuck with things that happened to belong to the nature, unlike those nigger wannabe degenerate turks they won't mark them with graffiti spray or completely destroy like arabs and niggers tend to do. or they wont use as toilet like kurds would.

I am glad we yokels don't have to stand those degenerates in these parts.

God is Nature