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No.8653 Anonymous 02/14/2020 02:02:09
Shapeshifter report: Arabs

Origin: Brown or yellowish skinned people from middle east

Shapeshift: Without contact with extreme heat and sun, Arab skin gets lightened. Most of South Italians and South Spanish are descendants or Arabs but they are accepted as white Europeans. In Germany and France, Arabs are known for getting assimilated.

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Anonymous No.8654 02/14/2020 02:25:12
Shapeshifter report: Ashkenazi and other European Jews. Origin: Brown or lifht brown skinned people from mesopotamia. Shapeshift: Most of Europeans Jews have beady eyes because of Khazar (Turkic) admixture. Even though the semitic nose is not observed in all populations, the beady eyes can be observed in all Jewish populations. Mostly have got Turkic beady eyes, asian pale skin and black hair BUT because of mixing with Russians, Germans and genetic mutations red hair and blonde hair is also observable.

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Anonymous No.8659 02/14/2020 05:32:11
I just noticed that Abigail Shapiro looks like Komi san from Komi San Cant Communicate. Lmao, that must be why weebs on 4chan were attracted to her.

Anonymous No.8661 02/15/2020 02:40:00
Literally in what way do they look alike