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No.8776 Anonymous 02/25/2020 11:02:36
trying to listen to some nasheeds, somehow this pakistani nasheed sticks in my head O_o

Anonymous No.8785 02/25/2020 09:02:50
nuke pakistan

Anonymous No.8787 02/26/2020 12:02:08
spread coronavirus in germany and evropa

Anonymous No.8788 02/26/2020 04:11:40
Pakistan is much better than Germany

Anonymous No.8796 02/26/2020 05:11:03
nuke pakistan

Anonymous No.8797 02/26/2020 11:31:20
nah, just nuke gayreece! and stop being a parasite to somebody else's country's economy and live in your own shithole country, subhuman grecoid

Anonymous No.8798 02/27/2020 05:24:40
Pakis are more civilized edition of Indians who are destroying UK which makes them based and karabogapilled.

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Anonymous No.8799 02/27/2020 05:33:06
Pakis are pretty smart too, in this vid they handmade replicate weapons (including Turkish ones) with just basic power tools. Bunch of chads

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Anonymous No.8804 02/28/2020 10:35:05
pakistan is full of based black bvlls