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No.8970 Anonymous 03/21/2020 05:03:55
This is me a week ago:

-Bought some anise and some grapes online to make rakı (quarantined boi)

-Crushed grapes and filled the bucket with its juice. Added some sugar and yeast to make fermentation faster.

-Tried to extract anise oil from anise.

-Since i dont have any equipment, I accidentally made an anise tea. Cheers for health!!

-I dont have any anise and momey anymore.

-Lets make a... Wine!

-Today, my wine came out as a cloudy mess smelling like low quality rum.

-Tried drinking it, blech!

-Watched some youtube tutorials to udnerstand my mistake.

-I acknowledged that i didnt rack the wine and i drank yeast

-Tried freeze distillation

-I drank my moonshine-quality brandy while browsing internet. It tastes like dough mixed with soap.

-6 hours past from drinking it and I didnt get drunk any bit.

-Money lost for good.

Anonymous No.8971 03/21/2020 06:37:38